나 ~의 열렬한 팬이야 라고 말할땐(I am a big fan of)

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※ 사진을 길게 누르면 사진을 사진첩에 저장할 수 있어요. 

여러분의 말빵 영어 입니다.  '나 ~의 열렬한 팬이야 ' 이 표현은 어떻게 표현할까요?   열렬한 이란 우리말을 영어로옮기려고 하지 마시고 영어식 표현 그대로를 익히세요 열렬한 팬은 영어로 big fan 이라고 합니다.나는 ~의 열렬한 팬이야 또는 나는 ~을 너무 좋아해 라고 말할땐 of 뒤에 자신의 좋아하는 대상을 붙여서 어려운 표현 없이
I am a big fan of  ~ 
[아임 어 빅 팬 오브]

1개의 문장을 익히면 10개의 문장을 말할 수 있는 
'말문이  터지는 생활영어' 입니다 

I am a big fan of  ~

이 문장을 하나의 단어처럼 생각하세요  

이 문장을 외우고 있다면 
어떻게 응용되는지 살펴볼까요?


I am a big fan of the Beatles.
난 비틀즈 매니아야.

I am a big fan of it.
나는 그걸 엄청 좋아해.

I am a big fan of science and technology.
나는 과학과 기술의 대단한 팬이다.

I am a big fan of the Brazil football team.
나는 브라질 축구팀 열성 팬입니다.


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2022.03.16 18:43
I am a big fan of my daughter.
2022.03.16 22:20
I am a big fan of The Beatles.
I am a big fan of it.
I am a big fan of sciwnce and technology.
2022.03.18 07:13
I am a big fan of bts
I am a big fan of it
I am a big fan of science and technology
I am a big fan of the brazil football team
2022.05.04 10:45
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2022.05.27 17:36
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One thing I’ve always wondered is… why don’t more commenters get into discussions with other commenters? There are so many good points to expand on in a lively conversation.
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2022.05.27 17:37
Is there a point of too much? Yes. I visit blogs that have over 50 entries of “Great post! Yay!” and by number three, I’m bored and I’m gone.
I’d like to add that the way you are responding and even opening the ideas up more in the comments section, keeps the thread going and may provide more ideas for a reader. Sometimes a post gets a few responses and just dies, frequently because everybody just wants to get their 2¢ in and they aren’t really taking in the whole conversation.”
However, seeing as you are here, I would say you are already taking steps in the right direction. If we can help you any further, please don’t hesitate to let us know.



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